Using the WIAT-IIUK-T: 15th June & 6th July 2016 0930-1230

Assessing Students’ Literacy Skills for use in Developing and Reviewing Appropriate Literacy Intervention Plans

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Using and interpreting standardised assessment and screening test tools for students with dyslexia and dyspraxia


Wed, 15th Jun 2016

9:30 am – 12:30 pm


Brainwaves Education Ltd

Primary and Secondary Schools - Two half day courses for SENCOs, CLASS TEACHERS and PRIVATE TUTORS (attendance on both days required)

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The WIAT-IIUK-T is the most comprehensive UK-normed assessment package designed for teachers to use when assessing for literacy skills development, preparation for EHCs, Key Stage 2 Exam Access Arrangements and (for those with a qualification approved by JCQ for Exam Access Arrangements) at GCSE and beyond. This course is suitable for teachers, and in particular SENCOs or those with responsibility for assessment and designing appropriate learning plans. The WIAT-IIUK-T is the only test currently offering subtests in the three key areas of reading: single word accuracy, reading comprehension and reading speed, together with a single word spelling test. It is suitable for use with students age 6 onwards. For further details of each sub test please see below.


This training is designed to allow attendees to practise the skills gained on Day 1 of the course with identified students in their own school, before attending Day 2 to review their initial assessments with students. This will enable them to identify areas of support from these profiles in order to permit SENCOs and Teachers to plan appropriate intervention strategies based on the results obtained. Schools will need to have a copy of the latest WIAT-IIUK-T complete Kit and bring two clean copies of the accompanying Record Forms. The WIAT-IIUK-T can be purchased by schools though Ann Arbour Publications.


Wednesday 15th June

How to conduct and score the WIAT-IIUK-T using standardised scores and confidence bands. Delegates will work with each other in order to gain a full understanding of the way to conduct the tests in a reliable way.

  • Single Word Reading– includes letter identification, phonological awareness, letter-sound awareness, accuracy and automaticity of word recognition
  • Reading Comprehension – stories and sentences include literal, inferential and lexical comprehension, oral reading accuracy and fluency and word recognition in context
  • Reading Speed – for 6 to 16 years 11 months.
  • Reading Rate – this is calculated from the Reading Comprehension subtest. The quartile scores identify the slow and accurate, slow and inaccurate, fast and accurate and fast and inaccurate reader
  • Single Word Spelling – includes letter-sound correspondence for vowels, consonants and consonant blends, regular and irregular words, contradictions and high-frequency homonyms.


Wednesday 6th July

  • Sharing and review of student scores from school (please anonymise all student names on your record forms)
  • Support in formulating confidence bands and identifying significant differences to support in the identification of dyslexia.
  • Developing intervention strategies using results from the WIAT-IIUK-Ttest results.


Delegate numbers on this course are restricted to a maximum of 10 persons to ensure opportunities for personalised development and discussion.

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